“Tasty Bits” (2002)

Russia, 85 minutes, comedy, Russian with English subtitles.
Budget: $7,000
“Tasty Bits” on IMDB

Director, writer, producer: Sasha Valenti
Cast: Julia Muranova, Tatiana Alekhina, Igor Avrov, Roman Erykalov, Anna Savenkova.
Music: Eugene Afraimovich, Sasha Valenti


Mix sexy Russian lesbians, gangsters, the KGB and old-school musical numbers and you get TASTY BITS, the first lesbian comedy from Russia – with love! Heavy drinking, buxom blonde radio personality Julia is used to getting what she wants, from fame to the most delicious women. When her radio station is threatened with imminent sale, she employs high-rolling thugs and mysterious women to wheel and deal her way out of obscurity – and into a bit of naughty fun along the way! TASTY BITS is chock-full of Sapphic sex, physical comedy and one-liners as only Russians can deliver. Pass the vodka and enjoy the debauchery, post-Soviet-style. – LA OUTfest, 2003.

“Tasty Bits” total budget is $7,000. This sum, while incredible, noticeably degrades the film’s production values and makes this surprisingly fresh comedic hit look like a rough draft of a big-budget feature. Nevertheless, it’s fun all the way!