Cast & Crew

Julia Muranova – “Julia”
An actress, who tries to pass for a mere mortal. A veteran thespian, exquisitely feline in her moves, feelings and thoughts. Recently, Julia added a post of radio programming director to her already hefty resume.
In “Tasty Bits” Julia portrays a creative director of a jazz station, whose free spirit is at the core of the film. She’s intelligent, witty, sexy and openly gay. You can love her one minute, hate her the next, but she gets under your skin and stays there.
Ways to catch her? Use live bait. Uncork a well-aged sherry, serve some olives and hold your breath. When your spine starts to tingle, that’s your sign – she’s getting near.

Tatiana Alekhina – “Tanya”
Tender and amazing. A tempest of emotions in a fragile container. A honey-voiced radio DJ, Tatiana took the leap of faith in accepting her first-ever acting job and became the heart of “Tasty Bits”. She treats her vivid big-screen debut as pure beginner’s luck, and such delightful modesty crowns her shining talent.
Her character’s still waters run passionately deep. Being a woman and being with a woman – Tanya aces both challenges and she’s never ashamed to champion her desires.
Surgeon General’s Warning? Intoxicating and instantly addictive substance.

Roman Erykalov – “Roma”
He’s the original Renaissance man, flexible as time itself. Actor, poet, comedian, philosopher – that’s the top layer. Psychologist, journalist, screenwriter – that’s the bottom layer. A die-hard life enthusiast with a king-size charisma – that’s the yummy filling in the center.
Roman’s character is the spice of “Tasty Bits”. Julia’s colleague and sidekick, he’s at once a comic relief and a brilliant improvisation on the movie’s theme of personal freedom.
References? “You ain’t seen nothing yet…”

Igor Avrov – “Mikhail”
Deliciously unconventional, tall, intense. Seasoned theater professional, who becomes the pulse of any production. Gives his blood, sweat and tears to every part – be it Rabbit Nesquik or a Parisian playboy. Lit up “Tasty Bits” with his brisk portrayal of a neurotic, hapless businessman who dreams of hanging out with the big boys.
Distinctive marks? Sweeps by like a small tornado – causes no damage but leaves a life-long memory.

Eugene Afraimovich – composer, “Ptizza”
A true musician in everything he does. Takes pride in setting groovy tunes to the booty-shaking beats, giving great joy to the lovers of jazz, funk and soul. He worked for radio and television, composed musicals and award-winning songs and now, penned the music for “Tasty Bits”.
Interests? Sex. Strictly hetero – must be a tough habit to break. Favorite hangout – Paris, Latin quarters, midnight.

Sasha Valenti – director, screenwriter, producer, composer
“Imaginary world can turn real profit as long as you can make others live in it.” The moment Sasha heard this phrase, she spit out her pacifier, jumped out of her diapers and yelled “Action!”. From then on movies became a passion, and life became a set.
She was schooled in survival in Russia, she mastered the art of living all over the world, and she learned the craft of cinema in Boston University’s Film School.
“Tasty Bits” is Sasha Valenti’s calling card. Enjoy the film and don’t be shy to ask for seconds.
Operating instructions? No need to yell “Action!” – she’s always fired up!
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Evgeny Studenikin – camera operator

Ilya Shamazov – boom mic operator, grip, moral support

Luda Sokolova – featured artist on “Tasty Bits” soundtrack


Sasha Valenti – producer, writer, director, composer
Eugene Afraimovich – composer
Evgeni Studenikin – camera
Ilya Shamazov – boom mic
Julia Muranova – Julia
Tatiana Alekhina – Tanya
Roman Erykalov – Roman
Igor Avrov – Mikhail
Eugene Afraimovich – Ptizza
Katya Nenazhenko – Katya
Anna Savenkova – Angela
Alexander Airapetov – Boss
Anatoli Chukhnov – Big Ben
Ludmila Trefilova – Anna
Ludmila Sokolova – herself
Alexei Khorenyak – Pinchuk
Vasya Firsov – annoying client
Elena Kotlyar – Ilona
Alexander Shmelyov – Kremlin Guard #1
Vladimir Beregov – Kremlin Guard #2
Nick Oleinikov – himself
Vladimir Demidov – Anashkin
Lala Seraya – Lala
Julia Khalezova – singer from “Tears of Lurdes”